Sensor Data. In Context.

Everyday our sensors capture millions of data records but how useful are they without context? With Farmcontrol's production module you can analyse this information regarding features such as animal age, weight, barn, origin or feed program and get powerful production insights. The data is compared in real-time with benchmark data from production age curves that can be customised for every scenario.

True traceability

The combination of manual records with real-time sensor data makes the most complete collection of information to evaluate compliance with animal welfare, production efficiency and traceability of batch inputs and events.

Each production batch is numbered with a unique identifier that can be share externally.

Meaningful Reports

Don’t wait until the end of the production batches to know your numbers! We provide value to the farmer in the form of analytic reports giving answers to feed and water efficiency, growth, real-time stock, animal welfare compliance. Multiple farms can be managed and with a cloud solution you can easily share this information to your favourite veterinary. Reports can be subscribed so you’ll get them automatically at the time you want.

You can get real time critical livestock data such as:

  • Feed and Water Consumption per animal
  • Feed Conversion Ratio
  • Average Daily Gain
  • Death Rate
  • % Time out of ambient comfort
  • Average Space per Animal
  • Days out of Feed Program
  • Production Index
  • Benchmark with previous batches and production goals

Mobile Collection of Data

The farmer can input daily data directly on his smartphone with easy shortcuts and accessible instantly across the company.

Open to integration

You can order feed directly from the software and send it to your supplier or just acknowledge delivery. Use our custom API to exchange information to your company's ERP. Data can be exported or imported from Excel spreadsheets.

Events & Tasks Manager

Collaboration made easy

Farmcontrol allows the management of all your farm tasks which can even be set to trigger at a preset age of your production batches. No more forgetting to change the feed program or make a prescribed medication. On bigger organisations this feature provides and effective way to collaborate and monitor task compliance. No more unstructured E-mail management!

Powerful Task Templates

Your internal procedures and best practices are easily replicated on our software and made available to be consulted or deployed anytime. Anyone can create a new task template proposal stimulating continuous improvement. 

When the top-hierarchy approves it will become available for everyone!

Easily create farmer insights

Farmcontrol allows manual and mobile creation of visitation notes that can be categorized for type, severity and closing reason. These events can be used to track open problems or just for record keeping. Users can easily add photos or documents such as a lab analysis. 

No more unstructured spreadsheet files!

Notify and Report automatically

Created tasks and events can notify internal or external users. A farm responsible can be assigned to automatically receive new alerts.
Statistics reports can be created to easily characterize and benchmark your farm's issues.