Maximize the productivity of your farm

Monitor and control consumptions and costs of your business in order to achieve maximum efficiency 

Everything you need to control your business

FarmControl is an innovative solution directed to all Livestock Farming activities. It allows you to monitor and control remotely in real time, any type of equipment of your Farm.

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Real-time measurement capabilities and levels of energy, temperature, humidity, ammonia, CO2, feed, water and more.

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Remote devices control, individually or in a group, using functions as On/Off, Timers, Set Point, and others.

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Creation of detailed reports to analyze the efficiency of your business: Environmental Data, Consumptions, Costs, etc.

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Scheduling actions on evaluation basis of parameters rules set to control automatically and effectively all devices

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Emission of automatic alerts for each event, such as changes in the normal operating parameters for each device.

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Permanent monitoring of all operation, monitoring devices via any device with an Internet connection.


 Continuously monitor your farm

All the information you need in real time. Whatever your activity area, FarmControl allows you to track all kinds of consumption of your Farm devices, with access to detailed information and control in real time.


Permanent access anywhere

FarmControl is an affordable web solution on any device with an Internet connection. Stay constantly informed of everything that happens on your farm.


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