March 8, 2017


Each Differentiated Zone

Create rules for each production area in your farm in terms of what you want to control and view all devices and interactions defined for each area.

 Controlling with Rules

With FarmControl you will be able to view practically all the rules defined in order to control remotely and automatically the devices of your farm using the preset parameters.


Do more with less resources

Automate the farm routines, ensuring a stable and efficient operation.


Totally controlled environment

Control the environment in various areas of your farm is the key to greater productivity. Create rules to, for example, keeping the temperature stabilized automatically, managing the operating intensity of the heating equipment, cooling, ventilation, windows , etc.

Monitoring and Programming of Feed Cycles

Feeding Scheduling cycles at pre- set time, controlling the activation / deactivation of the automatic distribution systems for every farm area. Set alerts on detection of irregular situations in the process.

Controlled environment for maximum effectiveness

Set temperature parameters, heating / cooling, ventilation, lighting and power for the various production cycles.


Temperature monitoring in each area of your farm with automatic rule application to control the intensity of the heating and / or ventilation equipment.