March 7, 2017


Detailed information

Easily configure detailed reports to analyze environmental data, overall consumption of your farm (eg food , water, electricity, gas , etc.) , and associated costs.

Custom Reports

Ensure efficient management of your farm analyzing detailed and customized reports tailored to your needs.

All information available on the Dashboard

FarmControl allows you to have a global and easy view to configure multiple dashboards on the login page (s) of your (s) system (s). It may therefore have, for example, several reports in one or more dashboards for rapid and up to date information.

Consumption and Costs

With the ability to create cost prices for each supplier, you can have comparative reports of estimated equipment consumption versus associated costs and thus adjust the peak consumption for a certain time and with the best tariff.

Environmental Monitoring

Configure, for example, reports for monitoring temperature over a given period compared with the consumption of heating and ventilation systems, to identify peaks and variations.