March 7, 2017



Anywhere, anytime

Monitor your farm wherever you are using an Internet connection. Get notified of all events and occurrences that were set in the platform.




Always Alert

Set alerts to receive notifications about the status of any device, ensuring full control of the resources of your Farm.



Email Notifications

Get detailed information on your e- mail on any activity that results in notifications defined in the​ configuration.

Reports in Dashboard

Keep a centralized record of everything that happens in your farm by setting notifications boxes in dashboard(s) in your(s) system(s).

SMS Notifications

For urgent situations, configure SMS alerts ensuring that you’ll receive all the events.

Voice Notifications

In case of priority events, configure a voice call to inform you of the occurrence.


Be aware of what is happening

Learn everything that happens in your farm with constant monitoring and issuing notifications whenever an important event occurs.

Alarm Configuration

Ability to set alarms for each device and their operating parameters, ensuring that resources are working regularly.

Irregular temperature during Pregnancy

Constant temperature monitoring in sensitive areas of the farm, where changes could have a significant impact on the welfare and health of animals.

Irregularities in the Feed Distribution

Detection of irregularities in the functioning of food distribution systems, comparing with the defined parameters and notifying the user of every anomaly.