March 8, 2017


Unlimited Devices

FarmControl allows to program an unlimited number of devices, physical or virtual, related to the equipment that is physically monitored in the farm.


Visual Representation

Apresentação dos dados de medição em vários formatos e unidades, com leituras instantâneas e/ou histórico de acumulados, com ou sem imagem do equipamento monitorizado para uma consulta mais rápida.

Multiple Farms

Consult all of your Farms, referring all information.

Configurable Devices

The devices are customised and identified according to their needs, to facilitate constant monitoring each and everyone of your Farms.

Different Units

FarmControl is capable of reading any type of measurement unit (power, temperature, weight, volume, etc.) depending the needs of each farm.


Keep your Farm secure and healthy

Feed without faults

Surveillance of feed levels in silo and/or water in deposits, and mechanisms for the regular distribution of these all over your farm.

Contaminants Factors Measurement

Constant monitoring of the level of CO2 and / or ammonia, among others, to a better quality control of the environment in the Farm.

Ideal temperature maintenance

Determinant for productivity and reduction of mortality of animals, FarmControl system monitors and responds to internal and external temperature changes.


Eliminate Waste
By maintaining a constant surveillance of the resources of your Farm (feed, water , energy ...), FarmControl allows you to identify waste points and eliminate associated costs.

Water consumption
Monitoring available water flow in deposits and comparative values ​​consumed on the farm.

Stock Feed
Information on stock feed levels in silos, with notifications for irregular consumption or limited stock levels.

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