New Projects

Following the visit of Farmcontrol Iberia to Portugal during December 2017, we also visited Socampestre, a pioneer project in the utilization of Farmcontrol to Veterinary Pharmacies .

Liliana Garcia, Purchase Center Responsible, commented “FarmControl software is an indispensable tool in our area. We saw it born, grow and being commented among the farm technicians and we quickly realize its potential in a Veterinary Pharmacy of our dimension.”

With the installation of several temperature and humidity sensors, the platform allows the reception of multiple customized alarms that guarantee quick actions when the values are out of the target. In addition, Liliana Garcia receives a daily report by e-mail with the temperature map of the previous day, permitting a quick and easy access to all information.

Despite the success of the project, Liliana Garcia mentioned “ We know that Farmcontrol is in continuous evolution and so, this allow us to look forward and think: what else can we have? ” explaining that “Farmcontrol is not a cost, but a value of increased quality if we want to work with excellence”.