Increased Animal Welfare, Lower Costs

Evaluate in real-time all relevant animal welfare variables such as feed, water or ambient.

Control feed consumption, efficiency and breaks instantly.

More Efficient, More Ecological

Control Water consumption and create automated rules for energy savings.

Calculate energy costs with custom pricing plans.

Control Critical Equipment

Deploy custom automation rules to control windows, ventilation, lights, fridges or any other relevant equipment.

Monitor equipment malfunctions.

Manage Farm Events

Monitor manual or automated farm events with custom notifications.

Categorize farm events by type, severity or closing reason.

Get Relevant Data Analytics

Visualize or Export historical data. Integrate other Software Solutions via API.

Benchmark production goals with custom reports and dashboards.

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Farmcare Service

Get personalized monitoring and help with our optional Farmcare service.

With the Farmcare Service, a support technician that knows your farm, will help you to monitor and evaluate alarms, while analyzes data and give you much more information.

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